My Personal Prayer






You know my heart, my thoughts, and the  path of Holy Integrity that I desire to stand  and walk in before your eyes . You know them better than I know them myself. I ask for your 'unquestionable' holy guidance, understanding, and continual correction.
So,  'bottom line'  what do I want?  Just to grow in Holy Integrity with you.
and holy instruction by Your Holy Spirit. I do love you with all my heart, soul, and strength, and I love  Yahshua, your only begotten Son. You also know my 'total' trust, passion, and desire for intimacy
with Your Holy Spirit. I ask for your continual correction, and guidance in the areas of Faith, Judgment, and Mercy. You are 'my' God; Yahshua is 'my' Lord, and the Holy Ghost is 'my' Guide  and 'my' Teacher. I ask these things in the 'name' of your only begotten Son.



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